All roads leading to Troodos were reopened on Thursday afternoon, having been closed for much of the day.

The police noted, however, that roads leading to the highest mountain peaks were only open to cars equipped with four-wheel drive or tyre chains.

The roads had been closed amid heavy snowfall.

Meanwhile, the roads between Kakopetria, Pine Wood, and Pedoulas, between Pedoulas and Prodromos, between Prodromos and Platres, and between Prodoromos and Lemythou are open only to vehicles with four-wheel drive or equipped with tyre chains.

The roads between Karvounas and Kyperounta, between Agros and Papoutsa, and between Ayios Theodoros and Orkontas are open, but police have warned that they are slippery due to frost.

The police said they call on “all drivers travelling within mountainous areas to be especially careful.”