House President Annita Demetriou on Wednesday met with delegations of two Turkish Cypriot political parties, the CTP and the TDP, as well as former Turkish Cypriot Leader Mustafa Akinci.

Demetriou’s made the visits alongside Disy MP Xenia Constantinou and party administrator Charalambos Stavrides.

Her first port of call was the north’s main opposition party the CTP’s headquarters, where she was received by party leader Tufan Erhurman, general secretary Asim Akansoy, and foreign relations spokesman Fikri Toros.

She then visited the TDP’s headquarters, where she was met by party leader Mine Atli, general secretary Ersen Sururi, party administrator Ayse Oztabay, and its foreign relations spokesman Mustafa Ertanin, before visiting Mustafa Akinci.

Following the meetings, she said discussions had centred around current developments regarding the Cyprus problem and “the prospects for the resumption of a meaningful dialogue, in light of the contacts of the UN Envoy in Cyprus, Greece, and Ankara.”

She said, “Disy is determined to continue intensively its work regarding the Cyprus problem by holding meetings with political parties, personalities, and civil society organisations in the Turkish Cypriot community.”

She described the meetings as “useful and constructive”, and that she had agreed with all her interlocuters that “the current status quo is dangerous for all Cypriots; Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots.”

Additionally, she said she had pointed out in all three meetings that “the basic concerns of the Greek Cypriots should also be addressed, mainly in the issues of security and the functioning of the state.”

The TDP said the matter of President Nikos Christodoulides’ package of 14 measures for the Turkish Cypriot community had been discussed, and that both sides had “agreed that they were satisfied with the policies outlined in the package, but that the process of their implementation should be communicated in a more transparent and timetabled manner.”

They also said they would, alongside Disy, announce a “joint manifesto” regarding cooperation over the Cyprus peace process.