The European Parliament stripped its former vice-president Eva Kaili of her immunity, clearing the way for an investigation of Kaili’s alleged involvement in a 150,000 euro ($161,355) EU budget fraud case from 2015.

The fraud case is unrelated to the corruption scandal dubbed Qatargate, in which the Greek politician is also involved.

The report that was put to vote states that in the fraud case Kaili is accused of fraudulently spending between €120,000 and €150,000 of public money.

If found guilty, she faces 5 to 15 years in prison under Greek law.

The office of Kaili’s lawyer, Spyros Pappas, did not immediately reply to a Reuters’ request for comment but Pappas told news outlet Politico before the vote that he would take further legal action if Kaili’s immunity were lifted.

He told Politico that the notion that Kaili could serve prison time based on the outcome of the investigation is “at this stage rather premature and unsubstantiated”.