The government is working on and will soon will announce plans to offer incentives to young families and couples to resettle in Maronite villages in the north, President Nikos Christodoulides said on Sunday.

He stressed that both he and the government recognise the struggles of the Maronite community of Cyprus.

Christodoulides was attending a religious ceremony celebrating Saint Maron, patron and founder of the Maronite Church at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Graces in Nicosia.

He said it was a special honor for him to attend the celebration for the first time as President of the Republic and highlighted his presence should be interpreted as a sign of appreciation and honor towards the Maronite community.

“For me what particularly distinguishes the Maronite community is the fact that this year marks 50 years since the Turkish invasion, 50 years of continuous occupation”, he said.

Despite this fact, he continued, “your struggles, your efforts are daily and we must recognize that these efforts and struggles bear results.”

He announced that the government is working on, and the cabinet will soon announce plans offering incentives to resettle in Maronite villages, particularly for young people and young couples.