High levels of dust will remain in the air until Wednesday, head of air quality and strategic planning Chrysanthos Savvides said on Monday.

Dust levels recorded at noon reached 126.9 µg/m3 in Nicosia, 123.7 µg/m3, 116.8 µg/m3 in Paralimni, 93.3 µg/m3 in Limassol, and 33.2 µg/m3 in Paphos.

Levels above 35 are considered dangerous.

The department of labour announced that the dust contains small-sized inhalable particles that may have a negative effect on vulnerable groups such as the elderly, children and those with illnesses.

Vulnerable members of the public are urged to wear a mask and avoid circulating in open areas until the dust passes.

Employers must take appropriate measures after assessing the risks to their employees who work in open spaces and workers should use personal protection.

Hourly updates about the air quality can be found here.