With great reviews and innovative ideas, the Mind Reset environmental educational scheme was materialised a third year running, and is now being defined as a great institution that marks an important milestone in cultivating eco-awareness among young people.

This year’s programme ran over the academic year 2023-24, culminating in an inspiring award ceremony held on February 9, 2024, at the POED event hall.

Once again, the Mind REset programme enabled primary and secondary school students to investigate the impact of plastic use and provide solutions to boost our planet’s environmental health. Thus, their timetable provided an educational platform through which to invent innovative and sustainable solutions via the creation of a virtual business aiming to reduce plastic waste. In this year’s edition, there was an enthusiastic participation from across the educational spectrum, including:

  • 27 Schools (14 primary schools and 13 secondary schools)
  • 85 teams (42 primary school teams and 43 secondary school teams)
  • 345 students (167 primary school students and 178 secondary school students)

The Mind REset training programme consists of five courses, based on the five focus pillars of the Schwarz group’s REset international strategy ‘Reset Plastic’, in which Lidl Cyprus also actively participates. This is a programme designed to familiarise students with green entrepreneurship and cultivating skills vital for environmental management.

The programme’s recent awards ceremony emphasised the creativity and ingenuity of the 10 young participant finalists. Their business ideas, evaluated for their quality of presentation, design of exhibits and booths, and stage presence, were inspired by the Schwarz group’s REset international strategy, aligned with the global vision of reducing the use of plastics and promoting closed cycles of raw materials.

The teams that stood out and emerged as “Mind REsetters of the year 2023-2024” were the PLANt Be group from the Stavrou Elementary School and the Eggsclusive team from Egkomis-Kyriakos Neocleous Secondary School, which won an educational business experience trip to Vienna.

Driven by the vision “Less plastic – closed cycles of raw materials”, Lidl Cyprus continues to fight vigorously for environmental sustainability. Via schemes such as Mind Reset, Lidl Cyprus affirms its commitment to fostering a sense of responsibility in the younger generation, guiding young people to making greener choices for a better tomorrow.

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