Cyprus is among the countries in Europe with the highest number of radios per capita in Europe, data released by Eurostat, the statistical service of the EU, showed on Tuesday, Unesco’s World Radio Day.

In 2022, approximately 30,000 workers were employed in radio broadcasting across the EU, with radio broadcasting enterprises recording a net turnover of €4 billion.

While Cyprus experienced a decrease in the number of employees in this sector, its turnover increased.

In 2022, there were 178 people employed in radio broadcasting on the island, down from 197 in 2021. During the same period, the number of businesses operating in radio media increased from 31 to 32, while the net turnover of these businesses increased from €8.74 million to €9.14 million.

Across the EU level, data for 2021 showed approximately 5,000 businesses in this sector.

The top five countries in radio broadcasting enterprises in 2022 were Spain (714), Italy (679), Greece (599), France (343), and Portugal (299).

The five lowest-ranking countries in the same category were Luxembourg (5), Estonia (9), Slovakia (14), Malta (19), and Lithuania (20).

However, considering the population of each country, Slovenia had the highest number of radio businesses per million inhabitants in 2022 (75 per million inhabitants), followed by Greece (57), Malta (36), Cyprus and Croatia (35).

The lowest proportions were recorded in Poland (2 per million inhabitants), Germany and Slovakia (3 in each country), the Czech Republic (4), and Austria, France, and Sweden (5 in each country).

The proportion of people employed in the radio sector compared to total employment was low in all EU members in 2022. The highest rates recorded were 0.05 per cent in Croatia and 0.04 per cent in Slovenia, Cyprus, and Greece, while the lowest were in the Czech Republic and Slovakia (0.002 per cent) and Sweden (0.003 per cent).