The new haemodialysis unit at the Paphos general hospital started operating on Wednesday.

“No problems were detected from operation testing carried out on the first day,” director of nephrology Dr Lakis Yioukkas said.

Equipment includes dialysis machines, a new water production system, dialysis station panels, beds and chairs, monitors, defibrillators and electrocardiograms.

The unit is based on European specifications and has the capacity for up to 27 dialysis stations.

There is a separate haemodialysis area for HIV-positive patients and those with infectious diseases.

It includes a reception and registration area, examination rooms, infirmary, four dialysis stations for short hospitalisation, two dialysis stations for people with infectious diseases with a separate discreet entrance, staff changing rooms and auxiliary areas.

The first-floor features 27 nursing stations and a living room for patients along with auxiliary spaces, while on the second floor there is a rest room for the doctor on duty.

The entire building is designed for easy access for people with disabilities.

The new unit also has a breastfeeding room and a peritoneal dialysis chamber, as well as a small operating room.

“This now means that patients who are in need of dialysis are secured for at least 15 years based on the planning that has been done for these units,” he said.