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Wolt drivers in Larnaca strike over working conditions

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Around 70 Wolt delivery drivers began to strike in Larnaca from Friday in a move aimed at increasing pressure on the delivery company to change its working conditions.

In a letter sent to Wolt management, the drivers mentioned “critical concerns” that have been affecting their work and overall experience with the company, namely, among many, decreased delivery prices, inconsistent pricing for short distances and discrepancy in delivery rates.

“Upon reviewing the system, we have observed a significant decrease in delivery prices, which has adversely affected our earnings,” the letter said.

“Moreover, deliveries within a four-kilometre radius consistently yield varying prices, which do not accurately reflect the distance traveled. This inconsistency undermines our efforts and financial stability.”

Drivers also complained that the delivery rates for second orders exceeding nine kilometres are disproportionately low compared to the first order.

This disparity is unjust and needs to be rectified to ensure equitable compensation for all deliveries,” the letter continued.

On top of that, drivers pointed out that, despite at times working in adverse weather conditions, the delivery prices remain the same.

“We request an adjustment in delivery rates during inclement weather to acknowledge the added challenges and risks we face.”

Lastly, they lamented unprofessional behaviour from both restaurant owners and from customers.

“Some restaurants exhibit disrespectful behaviour towards our delivery drivers during order pickups, including shouting without justification,” the letters said.

“Despite reporting these incidents to support, we receive only generic apologies. In addition to that, when orders are delayed by restaurants, we are unfairly subjected to customers’ anger and frustration. Despite explaining the situation, we bear the brunt of their dissatisfaction. Clear communication and accountability mechanisms are needed to address this issue.”

Drivers are now demanding an increase in the delivery prices, reflecting fair compensation for our services, as well as consistent and transparent pricing for all distances travelled and equitable delivery rates for all orders, regardless of distance or sequence.

They also asked Wolt to adjust delivery prices during adverse weather conditions to acknowledge the challenges faced and address unprofessional behaviour from restaurant staff and provide adequate support to resolve conflicts.

“If these terms are agreeable to you, we are committed to continuing our work with dedication and professionalism,” the letter warned.

“However, if our concerns are not addressed satisfactorily, we regret to inform that we will proceed with a strike until our terms are met.”

No official reply from the delivery company was provided to the drivers, nor to the Cyprus Mail.

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