Cyprus’ entry for the Eurovision song contest in May in Sweden was on Wednesday revealed to be Liar, which will be sung by Silia Kapsis.

Written by Demetris Kontopoulos and Elke Tiel, the song will represent Cyprus at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo.

“It doesn’t necessarily refer to an individual but to various fake situations that today’s society, sometimes fabricated, has unfortunately imposed,” a statement on state broadcaster CyBC on Wednesday said.

These situations include mockery of external appearance, known as body shaming, sexuality, and generally any form of oppression.”

The video of the song, directed by Kostas Karydas, will be released on Thursday on all platforms.

“In the video, shot for the first time in Cyprus after years, we witness, through the eyes of Cyprus’ representative Silia Kapsis, a series of oppressive situations imposed by a fake world and the dark side of social media,” the statement added.

“In the second part of the music video, Kapsis will react to these fake situations, stirring the waters, and living her truth, inspiring at the same time those who follow her in a celebration of liberation and joy.”

The video will also feature the dynamic choreography with which Liar will be presented on stage, curated by renowned choreographers Guy Groove and Kelly Sweeney from Los Angeles.

Teenage Australian Cypriot Silia burst on to the scene with the release of her debut song Who Am I?, which she wrote and composed mostly at the age of 12.

The video will be available on from 6pm on Thursday and premiere on the official Eurovision Song Contest channel on YouTube at 7pm.