A Turkish taxi driver was remanded for eight days by the Famagusta District court on Wednesday, under suspicion of selling weapons in the state-controlled areas.

Police said earlier that the man, 34, had been arrested on Tuesday attempting to cross the Dherynia checkpoint, where officers found him transporting a pistol in his glove compartment.

The man was allowed to cross due to the fact he is married to a Turkish Cypriot, which grants him the right to come to the state-controlled areas for work.

According to reports, police have reason to suspect the man was engaged in weapons sales.

The suspect was stopped around noon on Tuesday at the Dherynia checkpoint where his vehicle was subjected to a search during which police found and confiscated the gun.

The man was arrested for the illegal possession and transportation of a firearm.

He appeared in court and was issued an eight-day remand.

Police are conducting investigations to determine the identity of the intended recipient with the suspect reported as being unwilling to cooperate.