The Nicosia Municipality on Friday called for the introduction of mosquito-eating fish in water tanks around the capital.

The fish, known as the gambusia and also commonly known as mosquitofish, are known to eat mosquito larvae and help to stem the expansion of mosquito populations.

The call for the introduction of the fish came alongside a set of recommendations to combat the increased number of mosquitoes in the city of late.

They said mosquitoes have been increasing in number due to recent rainfall combined with increasing temperatures.

Recommendations included the repair or replacement of worn manhole covers, as well as the proper closing and sealing of all wells, and checking and covering water collection and storage containers, especially those which are outdoors.

The municipality also recommends that people replace damaged water tanks and remove “useless objects” and wild vegetation from their gardens, as well as emptying places where standing water may be retained.

They also said people should place mesh protection nets on their doors and windows, wear clothing which covers the skin, use insect repellent sprays on exposed skin, and to apply “suitable insect repellent products” outside their homes.