As the summer season approaches, Cyprus airports are bustling with over 3,000 workers daily, employed by the numerous companies operating within the airport facilities, according to an announcement released on Tuesday by Hermes Airports.

Anticipating a significant increase, Cyprus’ airports are gearing up to accommodate over 5,000 employees, encompassing both permanent and seasonal staff.

With expectations of servicing more than 8 million passengers from April to October, the airports are bracing themselves for a busy and vibrant period ahead.

The announcement noted that in preparation for this busy period, engineers, operators, and other workers have been bustling in and out of airports for the past several weeks.

Construction sites have emerged, and areas have been sectioned off for uninterrupted work to proceed, all aiming to ensure the areas are primed for the summer season.

This effort is designed to guarantee seamless service for passengers, resembling a well-orchestrated puzzle where every piece must align perfectly in time.

Furthermore, a variety of entities, including ground handling, security companies, restaurants, cafés, and management companies, are on the hunt for staff to fill various roles.

Once suitable candidates are identified, they undergo training on airport operations, including essential safety regulations mandated for pass issuance by Civil Aviation.

A critical focus of this training emphasised across all airport companies, revolves around hospitality and the quality of passenger service.

To this end, Hermes Airports offers specialised programmes through the Hermes Academy, reinforcing the importance of these aspects.

At Paphos airport, notable advancements have been made with the completion of work on the Remote Gates.

Protective glass has been installed in two out of five spaces, and all have been enhanced with heating and air conditioning upgrades.

Additionally, crews have been thoroughly working overnight on the tunnel for several weeks—a routine project that forms part of the Cypriot airports’ long-term maintenance programme.

As for development projects, there’s a significant expansion underway in the parking areas at both airports, introducing more than 300 new spaces for public use. This expansion plan aims to develop over 7,000 square meters, indicating a substantial growth in infrastructure.

Moreover, a transition to high-definition screens is set to replace all airport screens, enhancing passenger information.

At the same time, the replacement of carpets in Departures with ceramic tiles and specially crafted slabs featuring Lefkarite patterns continues, adding a touch of local heritage to the airport’s aesthetic.

The effort to remodel and create new waiting areas for distinguished passengers at Larnaca Airport is also making significant progress

Two new lounges are expected to be completed by the end May, promising enhanced comfort, and services.

At Paphos airport, renovations have refreshed the cafeterias, while at Larnaca airport’s arrivals level, Panopolis will offer a variety of coffee and snack options until the end of March.

What is more, the Cyprus Airports’ Food and Beverage (F&B) team is revamping the airport cafeterias’ menus, aligning with new global catering trends by introducing Vegan and vegetarian dishes.

It should be noted that by 2025, vegetarian options will constitute 30 per cent of the menus, reflecting a shift towards more inclusive and diverse dietary preferences.