A man who stole almost 90,000TL from his workplace and spent it all at a casino was sentenced to two years in prison on Friday.

The man, who worked for food distributor Oero Trading in Yerolakkos, stole exactly 87,941TL (€4,511 at the time) from the company between November 9, 2022 and December 6 of the same year, before spending his loot at a local casino.

On Friday, a three-judge panel sentenced him to two years in prison, with chief judge Vedia Berkut Barkin explaining that the combined sentence for his crimes could have been a maximum of seven years.

However, she said, a lighter sentence had been handed down “in light of the fact the defendant admitted to his guilt.”

She said the crimes he had committed “undermine the trust between employers and workers,” and that therefore, a deterrent punishment would be required.