Continuing to shine a light on female voices in contemporary theatre, which began with Lena Kitsopoulou’s play CRY, the Larnaca 2030 team presents the work Bodies We Fall For next. On March 29, two young women will unfold their truth and the raw, accessible, and inclusive reality about finding Love. The performance at Skala Municipal Theatre is based on real narratives and questions exactly what its title suggests: which bodies do we fall for?

What is special about this performance is that it is created in a way that is accessible for people with disabilities. It includes dramatic elements of accessibility, live interpretation in Cypriot Sign Language, and subtitling for individuals with hearing impairments, as well as tactile guidance and elements of audio description for individuals with visual impairments. It is the first performance of its kind and was first presented as part of the 2nd Beyond DisDance Festival this January organised by Polychoros Synergeio in Limassol. Now, it travels to Larnaca to continue the conversation on love and bodies.

Centred around the question of which bodies we fall for, Naya and Panayiota coexist on stage as representatives of the Loves of their generation. Drawing from interviews, excerpts of which are presented verbatim on stage, the two women ponder about first kisses, first dates, sex, encounters, and dating apps. But they also ponder about accessibility in Love. Equal access for every body. The end-of-March performance will be held in Greek and is accessible to individuals with visual, auditory and mobility impairments, including subtitles in the Cypriot dialect.


Bodies We Fall For

Performance on love, created to be accessible to individuals with visual, auditory, and mobility impairments. March 29. Skala Municipal Theatre, Larnaca. 8.30pm. €12. Tel: 24-632500, [email protected]