A 38-year-old man and a 28-year-old woman arrested on Sunday in Paphos are believed to have been involved in a string of burglaries, police said on Wednesday.

Paphos police’s assistant operations chief, Michalis Nikolaou, said that searches of the home in which they both live turned up a large quantity of valuables, jewellery, and electrical devices.

Items found included several coin and stamp collections, a large quantity of gold, 62 apartment and hotel room door keys, cameras, mobile phones, computers, and electronic devices.

Some of the items have been linked to a burglary at a residential property in the village of Tremithousa in 2022, and two burglaries at commercial properties in the town of Paphos last October.

The pair had initially been arrested on Sunday following a tip off. Police are requesting that anyone who may be able to give further information come forward.