Having looked into developments and market conditions, and heeding the demands and needs of its customers, Hellenic Bank presents its new “18-month Euro Fixed Deposit” product.

The new product is geared at both retail and corporate customers. It offers 18-month fixed-term deposits with 1.5 per cent interest.

It’s being made available for amounts of €20,000 and above, and applies to deposits in euro. Customers can choose to automatically have it renewed on maturity, or have the interest paid into their account on maturity.

The product comes with a higher interest rate compared to other deposit products offered by Hellenic Bank.

Available online:

Hellenic Bank customers (individuals) can create an 18-month fixed-term deposit quickly and easily using Online Banking. The entire process takes place online and in real time.

The main advantage of this new product is that it applies to deposits of €20,000 and above, without limit, offering a steady interest, for a set period of 18 months.