Authorities have issued several advisories aimed at promoting safety and environmental conservation during Green Monday celebrations next week.

The department of civil aviation has urged the public to refrain from flying kites – traditional on Green Monday – or drones near Larnaca and Paphos airports.

Concerns have been raised regarding the potential risks of interference with aircraft approaching the runways.

In a separate statement, the forestry department has called upon the public to maintain cleanliness and protect natural habitats during the holiday period.

Individuals venturing into forests and rural areas have been urged to avoid damaging wildflowers and bushes, many of which are protected species or at risk of extinction.

Additionally, it emphasised responsible waste disposal and cautioned against unauthorised fires in forested areas.

It also highlighted a recent threat to pine trees from an infestation of the sawfly insect. The public have been advised to steer clear of affected pine trees and to avoid contact with the caterpillars of the insect.