A new trend was seen at the catwalks last month and can even be seen at the mall says CHRISTIANA MICHAELIDES

Last month, AKA fashion month or as non-fashion fanatics might know it, February came to prepare us, bringing the coolest trends with it, including double belting.

Taking a quick look through the current favs of the designers, the trend of double belting is exactly as it sounds. While there is no doubt that many probably won’t be fond of it or eager to experiment, shouldn’t we it at least give it a try and see how it goes? I promise you this is not like 2003 with its chunky unnecessary belts seen on all the red carpets, awards events, etc. It is obvious that some trends will always come and go but double belting this year is here to present to us something new and fresh, that will probably keep on elevating.

Double belting is obviously better when the straps complement each other, as the idea is to elevate our outfits not create something others will just be left wondering about. Belts have always been a statement accessory therefore I don’t see any way this could go sideways.

fashion michael kors collection fall 2024

Michael Kors collection fall 2024

Through the fashion week events many designers found it to be an amazing idea to spice up their designs by adding that second belt. While it has been a trendy idea that some have tried through the media, now it is officially time to put it to the test and let yourself out of your comfort zone.

On the runways Schiapparelli, featuring Daniel Roseberry’s creative mind, took it to another level by creating a corset and jacket made of belts, turning the show into a futuristic scenery, while at the dreamy collection of Michael Kors, an absolute ready-to-wear gem, both pants and skirts all buckled up were presented.

fashion jw anderson collection fall 2024

JW Anderson collection fall 2024

The trend seems to be spreading all around as it was also seen on JW Anderson’s collection in London’s Fashion Week although the double belting was given his own touch. Presenting a more industrial vibe, in khaki and navy mock necks giving the idea of a trench coat as he added two large belts cinching the waist.

Not really ready to take it as far as the catwalk, I have seen a few ideas inspired by the trend on a walk at the mall. Tops featuring double belts as well as backless waistcoats, mini dresses cinching the waist as well as adding smaller belts to the cleavage area, just to get things tight.

It also caught my eye that some stores have intertwined last year’s trends with this year’s. Mini pleat skirts and strapless jean corsets are back in the game, but this time complemented with two belts, joined by high rise pants and maxi dresses, made just right for this spring summer season.

Celebrities and influencers seem to be following the trends along with the designers sharing with their audience their outfits through their media either in their day-to-day fits or for formal occassions. The trend has been on and off for a few years now, but I think we have finally hit the time that is here to stay.

Well, buckle up ladies, I’m sure we can create something totally elegant, smart and sexy this season while double belting.