An anti-racism event took place Wednesday afternoon in the old city of Nicosia.

The event was organised on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, observed annually on March 21 by the Alliance Against the Far Right, Fascism, and Racism. Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot political parties and organizations also participated.

Among the attendees were Akel’s General Secretary, Stefanos Stefanou, and the Green Party Leader George Perdikis.

Participants gathered at Solomos Square, which served as the starting point of the march. During the procession, slogans against racism and fascism were chanted. The march concluded at Faneromeni Square, where an event with an artistic program followed.

Member of the alliance against the far right, fascism, and racism Marina Stavrinou-Koukou, stated that the march aimed to underscore the equality of all individuals and the importance of respecting their rights, particularly safeguarding vulnerable groups, migrants, and those from diverse backgrounds, to ensure they can fully exercise their rights.

“The goal of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination is to raise awareness,” Koukou emphasised, noting that “unfortunately, as the years pass, the situation worsens.”

She drew attention to the troubling trends such as the rise of the far right, inhumane behaviors, and misanthropic ideologies. Koukou emphasized that such ideologies, which are contrary to progressive values, should not prevail in Cypriot society.

Therefore, Koukou explained, “we will continue to fight, to inform the world, and to struggle for human rights, equality in employment, humane living conditions, and their integration into Cypriot society.”

Furthermore, she called on the state and the government to support this effort, stressing that “we cannot allow our society to become inhumane because we have experienced racism and fascism, and for this reason, our country is divided.”

Koukou further mentioned that the alliance comprises over 60 organisations, including Greek Cypriot, Turkish Cypriot, and migrant groups.