The police are carrying out a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of fireworks and other pyrotechnics, ahead of the forthcoming Easter weekend.

The force said on Thursday it aims to “educate the public about the use of firecrackers and fireworks, to prevent and combat people using, possessing and selling firecrackers during the Easter holiday season”.

They added that their goal is “to raise public awareness” and to encourage “the participation of all competent bodies”.

They also described the letting off of fireworks and firecrackers during Easter a “dangerous and illegal habit”.

Additionally, they said, the campaign is particularly aimed at young people, with a focus placed on the potential physical harm which could be incurred through unsupervised use of pyrotechnics.

“Unfortunately, we have seen many examples of young people who have suffered burns or other injuries, or who have even died as a result of firecrackers,” they said.

They also said that owners of hunting shops and other shops which sell pyrotechnics are being informed about the criminal liability they hold should they sell pyrotechnics which end up being used illegally.

“Police are intensifying their efforts to identify and arrest persons who illegally import, possess, sell, manufacture, or use firecrackers or any material which can be used to manufacture firecrackers.”

They added that during Holy Week, they will “intensify” their patrols to ensure laws are being followed.