An event in celebration of “Earth Hour” will be held at Faneromeni Square in Nicosia this year on March 23rd at 8 pm, it was announced on Friday.

Cyprus’ Earth Hour team aims to campaign for zero food waste and encourages all citizens to “connect with the earth and become part of the change.”

Earth Hour is a worldwide movement organised by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) with the aim of motivating individuals, businesses and governments to engage in dialogue on climate change. It urges everyone to switch off their electricity for one whole hour on the day.

The event will include an artistic performance as well as other activities, and as part of the ongoing festivities, a theatrical concert titled ‘Colours’ is scheduled for Monday, March 25th.

The entire performance will be electricity-free.

“The message cannot be other than the imperative need to turn to more sustainable environmental options, to restore nature, protect biodiversity, and in general to limit anthropogenic activities that harm the environment”. Environment Commissioner Antonia Theodosiou noted.

“I invite everyone to actively participate in the most important time for the planet and for humans,” she concluded.