Political party Disy will emerge victorious in local and EU elections on June 9 this year despite being attacked from all sides, party leader Annita Demetriou said on Saturday.

In a speech on Saturday to present Disy MEP candidates and the party’s candidates for local government in Larnaca district, Demetriou said that now “our party is under multiple attacks from everywhere, because they believe that it is their opportunity to shrink this proud party.

“The fire is coordinated and coming from all directions to torpedo everything we have achieved with effort and toil,” she said.

She added that opponents are “miscalculating” and not taking into account the body of the party, who, she said, would shield attempts to destroy what has been built up.

“Those who underestimate our intelligence, those who betray our trust and those who take advantage of our tolerance are making a fatal mistake and will fail miserably. In the face of those who want to make Disy smaller so they can feel bigger, we will stand firmly and defend our family,” she said.

Demetriou’s comments come a day after former party vice-president Marios Pelekanos jumped ship to join nationalist Elam for EU elections.

Describing her party’s plan, she added that “we are the political force of reforms, the party that stepped forward and opened the way for Cyprus to belong to the European Union, the party that was vilified, like no other, for believing in the impossible. And yet it did not back down for a single moment, with our founder Glafcos Clerides, the great visionary, whom we ought to honour and make his policies and attitude towards life a reality.”

At the same time, she expressed confidence that “in the June 9 showdown, with our ideas and positions we will emerge victorious and stronger. We need this victory so that we can claim for the people, for Cyprus, for Larnaca, we will have a voice”.