Gated housing projects are a relatively recent development in Cyprus, which has come as crime, particularly thefts, has increased and people want to feel more secure in their homes. The need for this kind of protection started approximately 25 years ago and as time passes, there have been more and more gated communities and it has become a selling point.

There are various pros and cons when it comes to these complexes with electrically controlled entrances.

There is the benefit of a feeling of added security and privacy, unwanted visitors are discouraged as well as speedy traffic, as traffic is reduced primarily to residents and their visitors.

Cameras can be installed at the main entrances, as well as elsewhere within the project, though personal data limitations must be kept in mind.

One downside is the initial cost of around €4.000, as well as annual maintenance expenses estimated to be around €300-€400.

Problems can be created when visitors or maintenance staff do not know the code or homeowners forgot it or don’t have the remote control needed to open the gate. They often have no problem forcing the entrances open causing damage.

Another issue is that visitors or occupiers may give the code to others, meaning the code should be changed periodically, which is not very practical.

People getting stuck outside due to technical problems with gates can be a problem.

Imagine if this happens at 2.30 in the morning on your return from abroad.

In our projects a system we have found certain features to be best suited for these properties.

These include an electrically controlled gate which operates by code as well as by remote control. An intercom should be installed at the gate which communicates with each and every house, though this is expensive.

There should be a secure box with a key for the gate which overrides the electricity, so that if there is something wrong with the functioning of the gate, you can still get in or out.

Inside the project and in a permanent position place an additional key and instructions in several languages for the residents.

Make sure that you have an electric sensor on the way out, so that the door opens automatically when you’re leaving the property.

Along with the main gate for cars to pass through, there should be another smaller gate operated manually for visitors and others.

Do not opt for a bar but rather a two-metre-high gate made of steel.

My office has five gated projects under our management. We have constant problems with two of the gates caused by people, including residents trying to force their way in or out.

At one property we have a camera – an additional cost of €2,000 – but we get complains by some of the residents that we are invading their privacy and it is illegal.

In the end the gates are left open during the day and are operational after dark. In this way the majority of traffic will not cause problems, including pool cleaners, gardeners, suppliers and so on, but at night residents feel more secure.

People with gated projects must learn to live with them.

Antonis Loizou & Associates EPE – Real Estate Appraisers & Development Project Managers,, [email protected]