First Lady Philippa Karsera Christodoulides on Tuesday called for more women to be in “decision-making centres”.

Speaking at the Women Leaders’ Forum, she said, “we need to say it loud and clear that we need more women in all decision-making centres, in politics, in the arts, in culture, in sports, in business, everywhere, because this will be extremely beneficial for Cyprus.”

She pointed out that the current cabinet has the largest participation of women of any Cypriot cabinet in history, and that the boards of directors of semi-state organisations are also more gender equal than ever before.

“I know firsthand that my husband and his government have the political will and are working hard to achieve lasting solutions through meaningful reforms; reforms which will allow women to combine their professional and family life, which, for me, are the key,” she said.

She added, “in the first year of Nikos’ administration, we have already seen the implementation of policies related to public schools, support for new mothers and families, the extension of maternity leave, and much, much more.”

With this in mind, she said attention should now turn to “creating support for all women so they can pursue their goals without compromising their roles as mothers, daughters, wives, and grandmothers.”

“We need more nurseries and childcare centres, better schools and public transport, good elderly care centres, safe playgrounds and green cities, equal pay, more annual leave for mothers, and flexible working measures. Families need tangible support,” she said.