Proposals covering the operation of luxury camping sites – or glamping units – were submitted to the House commerce committee on Tuesday by Deputy Minister of Tourism Costas Koumis aiming to push a relevant bill to the plenum after it had been rejected in the past years.

Addressing the committee, Koumis said that the government aims to ensure that the establishment of new glamping sites “is carried out correctly and based on a precise philosophy, namely the development of unique sites in nature combined with luxury”.

He stressed that glamping sites are mainly targeted towards environmentally conscious travellers, adding that they should be established in already developed areas to avoid putting pressure on protected sites.

Among the recommendations is the prohibition of car parking next to glamping sites, with designated parking areas located away from the structures.

Koumis also noted that glamping sites are intended to be developed in “very unique landscapes”.

“Also, construction works should have a temporary character and glamping locations should be determined within the framework of spatial planning policies set by the interior ministry,” the deputy minister said, adding that some glamping sites currently hosting visitors are operating illegally.