Police have secured bank details for the two monks embroiled in a massive scandal, though they have yet to appear before the church-appointed investigative committee.

A CNA source on Thursday said scores of people have already appeared before the six-member committee to give statements.

Efforts are underway at a “feverish pace” at the committee, with the six members working day and night, dealing with a huge volume of material, according to the unnamed source.

The committee aims to prepare its final findings which will be presented to the six-member ecclesiastical court which will make a decision over the monks.

The monks have yet to be called to make a statement because the committee “wants to be completely ready when they get here.

“They are preparing the ground.”

The monks are expected to be the last to give a statement, though proceedings are not expected to be wrapped before Easter.

Police has also secured access to the monks’ bank accounts, land registry and other services so as to further investigate the allegations against them.

The monks were allegedly found with €800,000 in cash, and property in Greece and Limassol. They were also allegedly caught on CCTV footage having sex with each other.