The US-built port in Gaza being constructed as part of the ‘Amalthea’ humanitarian sea corridor initiative, could be ready significantly before May 1, President Nikos Christodoulides, said on Thursday.

Speaking at an event marking the expansion of social worker services island wide, the president said he had been informed in detail by US military officials during a recent meeting on the creation of a Gaza port.

“The target date is May 1, but according to the briefing I received, it seems that there may be [a result] significantly sooner” and this will increase the flow of humanitarian aid to Gaza, Christodoulides said.

The president’s statement comes on the heels of a statement by Israeli Ambassador to Cyprus Oren Anolik, who said a temporary dock being constructed by US forces will be operational at the end of April or beginning of May.

Oren also said the naval blockade of Gaza had only been partially lifted and only for Cyprus, in the context of the Cyprus-led maritime corridor.

In an interview with the Jewish News Syndicate website, the Israeli ambassador noted that everything transported to Gaza gets controlled in Cyprus.

He said the temporary dock being built by the US will provide a technical solution to the offloading of cargo at the Gaza Strip’s coast.

Anolik described the project as complex and requiring involvement of organisations within Israel, as well as the state’s foreign partners.

The Israeli ambassador clarified there is a direct link between the US dock and the Cypriot ‘Amalthea’ initiative.