A man appeared in court in the north on Thursday accused of threatening to incinerate his own 79-year-old mother.

Police officer Hasan Celik said in court that the man had on Tuesday burnt a hole in a tarpaulin sheet on the edge of his mother’s garden with a cigarette.

The man then apparently shouted, “I will strangle you! If you report me to the police, I will pour petrol in your house and light it with you inside!

He was then arrested.

The man had been arrested for disturbing his neighbours in January and had threatened his mother with violence a week later before being sentenced to a month in prison on February 2, according to Celik.

He was released from this sentence on March 4. Celik pointed out that the latest incident has happened only a little over three weeks later.

The man himself said in court that his mother is actually 80 years old and that she was “making things up”.

Judge Zehra Yalkut Bilgec ordered this time that he be sent to prison for a period not exceeding 45 days.