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XM: leading the way towards a sustainable future

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XM, a multi-regulated global broker in Europe and globally, prioritises impact by continuously giving back to the community

In today’s world, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies are crucial for corporate decisions, emphasising the balance between business, society, and the environment. XM, the multi-regulated global broker with over 600 employees in Cyprus and over than 1,000 employees globally, prioritises impact by continuously giving back to the community, contributing to healthcare, well-being, education, international aid, and environmental sustainability. With every initiative, XM isn’t just participating; they’re pioneering a new era of corporate responsibility.

XM understands the significance of driving societal progress through its support of institutions and NGOs in Cyprus and Greece that promote fair access to health. The company has been a longtime sponsor of many core organisations in the health sector.  These include the Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends –  PASYKAF (since 2017), Make-A-Wish Cyprus and Greece (since 2019), Makario Children’s Hospital (since 2019), and Red Cross activities in Cyprus.

Through these collaborations, the award-winning broker has helped bring many initiatives to life like purchasing medical devices for hospitals and in-home care, buying tools such as wheelchairs to help patients, and more.

Further initiatives include supporting the Cyprus Autism Association since 2019, with the latest contribution going towards the creation of a centre for a Care Programme for preschool and school-aged children.

XM has been making yearly donations to Mikroi Iroes since 2018, aiding their work for children with cancer. The company has also been a supporter of ActionAid Cyprus and Greece since 2017, helping to provide families with food packages after a severe drought, building a new shelter supporting girls’ rights to education and organising agricultural training fighting poverty and malnutrition. Furthermore, XM alongside Europa Donna in the fight against breast cancer since 2018, as well as Doctors Without Borders, sponsoring them in offering the best possible care to patients in conflict zones.

To safeguard the well-being of children, XM launched a collaboration with Hope for Children in 2021, contributing financially to the technological upgrade of the 1466 HFC Helpline and providing brand new office furniture needed for their newly opened office in Limassol. In 2022, XM also donated to the renovation programme for the Amerikos Argyriou Paediatric Clinic in Limassol and the renovation of the First Surgical Clinic – Laparoscopic Unit at Tzaneio Hospital in Greece.

Recognising that family is the cornerstone of society, XM has committed to covering medical, travel, and accommodation expenses for over 35 people in need, including children with medical issues, facilitating their transfer abroad from Cyprus for medical consultation and alleviating the financial burden of these individuals and their families. Furthermore, XM provides financial support to many Cypriot low-income families.

XM is committed to investing in local educational initiatives, nonprofits, and institutions which empower individuals and communities. XM seeks to create lasting positive change through unceasing scholarships for underprivileged students in Cyprus and by supporting vocational training programmes like Sistema Cyprus, which offers free classical music education to underprivileged children. Additionally, as the major sponsor of the ARIS Programme by Deloitte since 2023, the company supports all the programme’s efforts to empower innovative businesses and promote Cyprus as a leading startup hub. The “sCYence Fair” is sponsored by XM, an event organised by the Cyprus Institute to stimulate scientific interest, encourage participation by young students and support the next generation of Cypriot scientists. XM has been steadily supporting KOEAS since 2019 in its efforts to encourage young athletes and strengthen the character-building aspects of athletics.

On an international level, XM sponsors the Malala Fund, which champions every girl’s right to free, safe, and high-quality education. XM’s international humanitarian efforts seek to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need, as evidenced in XM’s charity work for Uganda. In 2017, the company initiated its first action to help Ugandan children through a long-lasting collaboration with local priest Father Antonios Mutyaba. XM helped rebuild 3 classrooms at the Saint Antonios of Monde Orphanage and has since contributed to the construction and further development of a school building in Wakiso. In 2019, XM partnered with Agapis Heria (Loving Hands) and has financed the production of 310 bunk beds for school dormitories, and the construction of a kitchen and dining hall at St Antonios School in Monde. In 2024, XM decided to offer scholarships to four graduates from Uganda, enabling them to pursue university studies and use their knowledge to give back to their communities.

ugandaXM has joined forces with the Rhea Foundation for a Grand Charity Tour in Nepal’s remote and hard-to-reach villages to hand out Shoes That Grow, a shoe for kids that can expand and last for years. With careful planning and a lot of courage, this effort brought relief to local communities which have been struggling, especially since the catastrophic earthquake of April 2015.

The list is extensive when it comes to XM giving back through International Aid initiatives. XM has been supporting UNICEF in their humanitarian activities since 2017, as well as the Foundation for Slum Child Care in Thailand,  the Malaysia Organisation We Listen that spreads love and care to Selangor’s orphans, the Voice for Voiceless foundation’s “Community Kitchen Project” that helps provide 1,400 meals to children in need in Sri Lanka, the Sulabha Trust for special education in India, and the National Cancer Society of Malaysia. The list continues with additional projects such as supporting orphans and unsheltered people in Iraq, empowering Cairo’s underprivileged children and providing food donations in Latin America that contribute to the survival of poverty-stricken members of society.

At XM, environmental sustainability is not just a buzzword; it’s a core value deeply ingrained in the company’s ethos. Over the years, XM has demonstrated its dedication to environmental sustainability through various initiatives, including voluntary beach cleanup and tree planting events in Cyprus and Greece. Since 2020, XM has also been a proud sponsor of WWF (Worldwide Fund for Nature), supporting the organisation’s efforts to protect nature and endangered species. The company recently launched its “Greenshift Initiative”, through which it promotes the adoption of eco-friendly practices.

image (8)By weaving ‘giving back’ into its DNA, XM isn’t just aiming to lead in sustainable development; it’s crafting a workplace where pride runs deep in every employee.

Dive deeper into their initiatives by visiting their website: or tapping into their Corporate Social Responsibility journey on social media (Facebook: XM Culture, Instagram: @xmculture)

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