BBF is widely recognised as a leader among the top three development companies in Cyprus, specialising in high-end residential and commercial developments. Headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus, with additional branches in Larnaca, Paphos, Nicosia, and Athens, BBF is a leading real estate and development company in Cyprus, with over 145 developments at various stages of design and development to date.

This includes exquisite residences and cutting-edge office spaces in Cyprus, Greece, Portugal, and Canada. Among its diverse portfolio, iconic projects such as sky tower, marco polo, and eden roc stand out, along with the restoration of Cyprus’ historic Berengaria Hotel.

photo133 (1)Central to its philosophy, the name BBF stands for Build. Better. Future. which reflects the brand’s commitment to enhancing the quality of life for its customers. Whether their investment in bbf: properties is intended for residential, investment, or professional workspace purposes, the brand emphasises a forward-thinking approach to real estate development.

Moreover, BBF has recently been honoured as the “Best Contractor” in the Awards for Health and Safety on Construction Sites, in the ‘B’ category of Construction Projects. This prestigious recognition stems from a competition focused on health and safety at construction sites, organised by the Association of Building Contractors of Limassol.

The award theme, “Our priority is Safe and Quality Work – Together We Build Trust,” highlights the paramount importance of health and safety in construction, going beyond mere legal compliance to actively safeguard the well-being and lives of workers.

In expressing the significance of this achievement, the Health and Safety Officer at BBF, Galatia Kleovoulou, said that “This was our first time participating in the health and safety awards process. The process proved to be very interesting, as it required us to conduct inspections and follow various methodologies aimed at making our company’s construction site a safe place for workers. The most challenging part was altering the mindset of people to understand that health and safety are primarily for their benefit, and secondarily for the company’s benefit. ESG is about more than just environmental care; it also encompasses adopting and implementing good work ethic practices for the well-being of employees. Indeed, shifting the consciousness and mentality of both individuals and companies alike represents the most challenging aspect of this process.”

Additionally, BBF has a commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles is evident at its construction sites, where it implements waste management procedures from the early stages of project design and development.

Before construction begins, the company develops a tailored waste management for each project, ensuring compliance with regulations by submitting all relevant documentation to the OAK Cyprus Recycling Organisation. In 2023 alone, the total waste from construction and demolition materials across all 14 projects in various stages of construction by BBF  amounted to 16,786.98 tons. This waste typically consists of materials such as concrete, wood, metals, bricks, glass, and plastics, generated during the construction, renovation, or demolition of buildings and structures.

photo31BBF emphasises recycling and future material reuse which is essential to minimise environmental impact and has a commitment to sustainable practices across its business operations.

Furthermore, the operational practices at its headquarters in Limassol reflect their focus on sustainability and employee well-being.

The modern building is adorned with an exterior facade adorned with photovoltaic panels, offering energy efficiency and sustainable energy utilisation. Inside, the design prioritises a healthy workplace environment, with green walls and large windows that allow natural light to fill the space. High ceilings add to the sense of openness, creating a pleasant working atmosphere. Dedicated workstations offer flexibility in the workspace and inclusiveness, fostering a collaborative environment among colleagues. Additionally, BBF maintains inclusive recruitment policies that cater to both young and experienced employees, offering opportunities for career start and development within the company.

photo95In the realm of innovation, BBF has a Research and Development (R&D) Department which plays a key role in the company’s pursuit of creating the best living experience for its clients.

The R&D team is responsible for technological innovations and solutions that enhance clients’ experience with BBF providing products and services. One notable achievement is the development of a user-friendly mobile application.

photo91This all-in-one integrated communication system facilitates seamless communication and connectivity, allowing customers to control common areas, utilise the property’s integral access control system, and communicate directly with the BBF property management team. The mobile application also supports paperless management of property maintenance documentation, providing a smart and efficient way for clients to manage bills and expenses.

The continuous efforts to provide clients with functional homes and a valuable living experience, always inspired by people’s lifestyles and constantly pushing boundaries to innovate and offer the best possible experience. This underscores the integral process of innovating procedures that the company BBF has in the streamlining of its operations.

Its commitment to building a better future is evident in its dedication to high-quality developments, health and safety excellence, adherence to ESG principles, and innovative solutions aimed at enhancing the quality of life for its customers. These efforts not only demonstrate leadership in the real estate development sector but also set a standard for responsible and sustainable business practices.