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Men have the power ‘capable or not’

Επίτροπος Ισότητας των Φύλων – Συν
Gender Equality Commissioner Josie Christodoulou

The decision-making centres of Cyprus have historically been made up of men “whether they were competent or not” gender equality commissioner Josie Christodoulou has said.

In a speech she made on Sunday night, she urged the country to break the mould over gender-specific stereotypes, which she said are also evident in parliamentary committees.

“Men dominate portfolios related to defence, foreign policy, economy, while women primarily take on committees dealing with more social issues, thus reinforcing the stereotype that they are more suitable for areas such as education, health and culture,” Christodoulou said.

The commissioner underlined the government’s goal is to give a space and voice to women. For the first time in Cyprus’ history, there are 39 per cent of women in cabinet and 40 per cent of women in chairperson or deputy chairperson roles in appointed board positions.

In parliament, women’s participation is at 14 per cent.

At local authority level, 15 per cent are women.

“There are both women and men who are capable and they are the ones we need on the political scene and in the decision-making centres,” Christodoulou highlighted.

“Unfortunately, because of the socio-political context, over time, the fact is that since the creation of the Republic, the decision-making centres of our country, at all levels, have been made up of men, whether they were capable or not.”

According to the commissioner, political parties have a significant role to play in changing this, in the way they choose to involve women in their decision-making roles.


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