Children required to give evidence in court are now able to do so via video link, after the installation of the requisite equipment at the Children’s House in Nicosia.

The equipment, unveiled on Tuesday, was installed by telecommunications company Cyta in collaboration with the Foni children’s rights NGO and the organisation Hope for Children.

Cyta said the technology provides “a friendly and protected environment for the children, without their physical presence in the courtrooms being necessary, since the child is in the friendly environment of the Children’s House with specialists with whom they are familiar.”

The company’s CEO Andreas Neocleous said “technology exists to serve man. Our networks, the expertise of our staff, our services, gain value when they respond to societal challenges.”

He added that the installation of the video link technology “puts into practice our dedication to human beings, their rights, and their dignity.

“By harnessing the power of technology, we see to it that a process for the most vulnerable group of society, children, becomes less painful. For us, the value our technology and services bring in this case is invaluable.”