Police arrested a 20-year-old man Larnaca on Tuesday night for an investigated case of drugs possession.

The case concerns the discovery of approximately 5.5 kilos of drugs on Saturday in Larnaca.

According to police statement, the 20-year-old was arrested around 8.30pm on Tuesday, after police obtained a warrant against him based on testimony secured. 

Four other persons, aged 19, 25, 33, and 54, have also been arrested so far and are in custody for the same case.

The case began on the evening of Saturday when police found a small amount of cannabis in the 19-year-old’s car.

A search at his home, in the presence of the suspect and the 54-year-old, yielded another 2.6 kilos of cocaine as well as 2.7 kilos of cannabis, which were confiscated.

The Larnaca drug squad is furthering the investigation.