The UAE announced on Wednesday it was allocating US$15 million to support the Amalthea fund, for Cyprus’ maritime corridor initiative aimed at sending aid to Gaza.

The fund was established to facilitate and coordinate the flow of aid arriving in Gaza, and ensure that aid is delivered as effectively as possible.

A statement by the UAE’s foreign ministry said President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahya ordered the US$15m fund allocation as part the UAE’s commitment “to address the worsening catastrophic humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip.”

It added a “historical precedent for helping the Palestinian people” had been achieved, before the maritime corridor between Larnaca and Gaza was suspended.

Earlier this month, seven members of the World Central Kitchen NGO were killed in an Israeli attack. It meant that three vessels which departed from Cyprus, returned carrying 240 tonnes of aid.

Around 100 tonnes had been unloaded from the vessel.

Cyprus’ Foreign Minister Constantinos Kombos last month said consultations were underway to establish a fund that can support the maritime corridor.