Police carried out 17 arrests related to 11 vehicle or building arson incidents on a nationwide basis in March, police spokesperson Christos Andreou said on Friday, adding that arson incidents are “a serious concern” for the force.

Commenting on the recent spate of arson attacks on vehicles and properties, with the latest incidents being a car bomb in Lakatamia and a bomb explosion at a motorcycle shop in Engomi in the early hours of Friday, Andreou said that cases of arson, vandalism and attempted property destruction with explosive materials are being taken very seriously.

“Police are conducting investigations and dispatching several patrols to prevent such incidents,” he said.

“Despite the fact that these cases are difficult to solve, the victim themselves always play a significant role in these cases.

“In most of them, there is no information, making the police’s work even more difficult. However, we are investigating these cases and in many instances we have made arrests and registered cases before criminal and district courts,” he added.

Andreou added that nine cases involving 14 people arrested have already been registered before the courts.