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Getting to core of Cyprus wine industry

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Island’s wineries working together to promote Cypriot product

The Cyprus Wine Consortium was created with a vision to shape the future of high-quality Cypriot wines made from Cyprus grape varieties. The promotes Cyprus wines in Cyprus and around the world. The Wine Consortium is now known as Wine Core.

Today, three years after its establishment, Wine Core has identified the Cypriot varieties and selected the wines that set the new quality goals of the Cypriot wine. Through its established quality evaluation criteria, it aims to sensitise opinion leaders in the world. Fourteen wineries of the Wine Core company maintain their organic independence but at the same time create a brand that will add to their bottles as the Cyprus Wine Core quality certification and selection mark. Wine Core aims to make Cypriots everywhere proud of their Cypriot wine, by reviving and supporting the wine tradition of Cyprus, highlighting the quality of Cypriot wine and Cypriot grape varieties on our island and around the world.

Wine in Cyprus has evolved over the last 30 years. The creation of Wine Core is part of this evolution, and has brought together old and new wineries, small and large alike, united by the common goals of respect for nature and the desire to make the best quality wine.

Behind-the-scenes promotion is an important aspect of Wine Core’s business, catering to press and opinion-makers from the wine sector, as well as the professionals, the sommeliers. Among its many activities, Wine Core organises wine tastings, sampling events and tours.

Wine Core generally generates interest from specialists in the field both and Cyprus and abroad including destinations like New York and Hong Kong that we used to dream about offering our wines.

It is of paramount importance to emphasise the impact of the wine sector on local communities in Cyprus. In this respect, one of the Wine Core and deputy ministry of tourism’s objective is the sustainable development of rural economies.

The 3rd Andamoma is planned for April 20, a landmark event for the exploration of Cypriot vineyards and Cypriot wine. From 2 to 10pm at Ajax Hotel in Limassol the public can meet the producers themselves, interact with them and delve into the production processes and historical background of each bottle of wine, get to know the Cyprus vineyard in depth and enjoy the diversity of its wines.

 For information contact +357 94 006282 or visit


Vinea Ardua

In Latin Vinea Ardua means steep grapevines. Standing there for 100 years they surround the mountain top near the village of Farmakas at an altitude of 900 to 1,200 metres. In winter the temperature often drops below zero with several snowfalls and in summer months the area experiences milder temperatures compared to areas lower down and cool nights.

The vines grow on volcanic rocks with brown clay and siliceous soils, and unlike other mountainous vine regions in Cyprus there are hardly any vines planted on terraces. This is unique in Cyprus vineyards and helps both the soil drainage and the exposure of plants to solar radiation. The Santa Irene team aims to keep the vineyards alive and produce high-quality fruit that leads to unique wines that are the signature of Farmakas village.

2021 Eteon Xynisteri, PGI Lefkosia, ABV 13%,

The native Xynisteri is rare among these vineyards being trained from the original old vine. Eteon (from the ancient Greek meaning genuine) is the white wine produced from old vines grown organically. At least 50% is vinified in traditional clay pots (pitharia) and 50 in stainless steel tanks.

Eteon has bags of character and textural appeal. Clean, precise and detailed, it has transparent aromas of white grapefruit, orange blossom, clementine zest, jasmine and crunchy pear, along with herbal notes. Complex and earthy, on a full-bodied palate, it offers grapefruit, pear, fine herb flavours with lasting acidity. €15.50

2022 Danero, Blanc de Noir, PGI Lefkosia ABV 14%

Danero means ‘from black’ in Esperanto. A Blanc de Noir produced from Mavro grape, using wild yeast during fermentation. The wine went through battonage to gain complexity and volume. It is bottled unfined and mildly unfiltered. This Mavro Blanc de Noir opens up with wonderful notes of white flower, peach, white cherry, and lime zest. Soft, round, the palate continues to entice with pear accompanied by flavours of bergamot tea, lemon, lychee, and a hint of fine herbs. There is a deep complexity that is rich and creamy for a white wine. €12.50

2022 Erroa, PGI Lefkosia, ABV 14%

Erroa means roots in ancient Basque, made solely from the indigenous grape Mavro partly matured in oak barrels. It is bottled unfined and mildly filtered and it may develop natural sediment during its evolution. It releases a bouquet of citrus fruits and white orchard flowers. On the palate, the immediate effect is lively and bright, revealing notes of strawberry and raw pomegranate, pink grapefruit, fleshy fruit and, once the wine has had a chance to breathe, hints of fruit tart. The finish is complex and lasting. €12.50

2021 Aepys Mavro, PGI Lefkosia, ABV 15.5%

Aepys derives from a Greek word meaning high and steep and is produced from indigenous Mavro grapes grown organically and vinified in stainless steel tanks and matured for 6 months in oak barrels. A perfect expression of the terroir, the wine announces itself has aromas of black fruits, black cherry matched with spices, and a touch of pepper. Charming, voluminous and powerful on the palate with lively acidity and coated tannins, where a beautiful maturity of the grapes is evident. €12.50

2020 Aeòneo Mavro, PGI Lefkosia, ABV 16%,

Aeòneo (from the Greek meaning eternal) is a wine produced from selected aged vines grown organically. It is vinified in traditional clay pots (pitharia) and remains for 6 months in oak barrels. It is bottled without stabilisation or filtering. Ripe and powerful, round and juicy with flavours of raspberries and redcurrants with a delicate touch of pepper and a pronounced blackcurrant-pastille note but also savoury and wet-clay earth aromas. Quite a serious tannin structure that’s married to crisp, mineral acidity. All this needs some time to fully harmonize, but this should age well. €19.50


Winery Santa Irene

Farmakas 22 515505,, distributed by Oenous 25 345670,


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