Tuesday will be mostly sunny and hot with some brief cloudy spells. Temperatures will rise to 31C in the interior, 27C on the west coasts, 29C on the remaining coasts and 20C in the higher mountains. Winds will initially be variable and light, up to 3 Beaufort later turning mainly south-easterly to south-westerly, light to moderate, up to 4 Beaufort. The sea will be somewhat rough. 

Overnight will be mostly clear with some temporarily increased high clouds. Temperatures will drop to 16C in the interior and the coasts, and 10C in the higher mountains. Winds will be mainly north-westerly to north-easterly, and on the northern coast, south-easterly, weak, 3 Beaufort. The sea will be calm to slightly rough. 

Wednesday will remain mainly sunny with fine dust in the air, while the dust will persist on Thursday and Friday which will also see some increased clouds. Temperatures will hover around the same levels, above average for the season.