The Limassol Carnival isn’t just any festival; it’s a joyous whirlwind, where Limassol streets burst into a kaleidoscope of music, dance, and rainbow-colored parades. Picture an extravaganza where the night sky lights up with fireworks and the air buzzes with melodies—a true feast for the senses!

However, amid this burst of colors and confetti, there’s a less glamorous side: a post-carnival scene where the streets bear the aftermath of celebration, strewn with confetti, plastic remnants of joy, and discarded costumes. It’s as if the city threw a massive party and forgot to invite the cleanup crew!


But salvation arrived in the form of the unacknowledged heroes: «City Friends Club»! These eco-warriors, armed with bags and gloves, and undeterred by the weather, swooped in after the carnival. Their mission? To detoxify Limassol’s streets post-party.

With over 50 volunteers meticulously clearing the space, they orchestrated the collection of a staggering 5 tons and 160 kg of would-be landfill waste, conscientiously sending it to waste treatment facilities. How can we infuse Limassol Carnival with a touch of eco-magic?

Limassol prepared for the carnival in grand style, its streets bedecked with magnificent paper mache figures and vibrant, fluttering flags. Yet, amidst the joyous revelry, there’s an opportunity to embrace sustainability and ensure our festivities leave a positive mark on the environment. By proactively addressing waste management, we can keep the spirit of the carnival alive while minimizing our ecological footprint. Let’s unite to plan ahead for waste cleanup, ensuring that Limassol remains a shining example of celebration and environmental stewardship for generations to come!


To truly capture the magic of the carnival, organizers must ensure that our city sparkles with both joy and cleanliness. Without proper waste management infrastructure, our festivities risk tarnishing the very beauty we celebrate. Let’s be eco-warriors during the carnival madness! Limassol should scatter party-ready trash bins along the streets, ensuring that every bit of rubbish finds its way home and leaving the festivities sparkling clean! And why stop there? The city should enlist a band of professional cleaners who are adept at sorting garbage and sending recyclables to recycling facilities, while responsibly disposing of non-recyclables in landfills.

This professional team should approach its task with intelligence and a commitment to environmental friendliness. The Limassol Carnival, in all its dazzling glory, serves as a beacon of blending cultural revelry with eco-responsibility. Together, we can dance through the carnival’s colorful chaos, leaving behind a legacy of celebration and sustainability!