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Comparing European loans: What borrowers need to know

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The future is full of surprises and unexpected expenses which may lead many people to consider taking out a loan. However, choosing the right loan provider can be challenging with differences in interest rates and fees among lenders. That’s where Nordic Bank can help. Their loan comparison service takes the hassle out of preparing multiple offers for customers who apply for a loan. If you’re considering taking out a loan and want to know more about the comparison service, here’s what you need to know.

Why is it important to apply for a loan comparison?

There are several various types of loans, ready to cover multiple needs of borrowers, including a car loan, vacation loan, consumer loan, or payday loan. As each of the loans will most probably have different conditions, fees, and repayment terms, it is crucial to compare what financial institutions have to offer to save a significant amount of money.

Nordic Bank meets the demands of customers, and future borrowers, who feel lost and overwhelmed by the wide range of financial institutions offering loans, afraid of their tricky techniques to earn on the loan as much as they can. Borrowers, quite the opposite, are putting extra effort into finding the technique of saving as much as possible.

Nordic Bank does not grant any loans, and their service is the loan comparison, aiming at showing their customers the best-awaiting deals. Why is it worth spending some time comparing the loans? The differences in the fees and interest rates that each of the institutions offers may seem small at first glance, but in the long term can make a significant difference if the final amount for the pay-off.

How can you compare loans online?

Customers interested in a loan should use the service of Nordic Bank, which will guide you through the process of loan comparison with ease and care, making sure you receive the best possible loan offer.

The first step is to determine the loan need, which will help you to assess how much money you need. It is crucial information as the borrowed amount influences the interest rate and the repayment period. With the aim of your loan determined, enter the Nordic Bank website and fill out the available application. There is no need to worry about the application, as it has an informative character and does not oblique you to take out a loan.

The application can be submitted individually or with a co-applicant The application is then transferred to over 30 banks and financial companies located in Finland. The number of institutions guarantees you a wide range of loans for every purpose, and you will see how banks fight for new customers to use their offers.

You will not wait long for the first application to be delivered to your email, usually a few minutes only. The first and foremost measure to pay attention to is the annual interest rate, which will have the biggest influence on the final amount to repay. There is no need to make decisions fast, as some offers are valid for several weeks, which gives you some spare time to carefully compare the products.

With the final decision made, the final step cannot be easier, as it is enough to sign the agreement and provide the documents required. It may happen that the money will appear in your account on the same day.

Is a collateral or guarantors always required?

Borrowers worried about the need to put their property as collateral, or find guarantors should be happy to read about unsecured loans when the loan decision is based on the financial situation and the credit information of the borrower. It is an easy option to get a loan for smaller and short-term investments, such as vacation, renovation, or other sudden needs.

The person applying for an unsecured loan must be at least 18 years old and own a Finnish personal identification number. It is important to have a permanent residence in Finland for foreigners. Two other crucial factors are regular salary or pension income, and good standing credit information.


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