A total of 10 bicommunal business ventures were crowned winners of this year’s Stelios Foundation Bicommunal Business Awards on Wednesday night.

The businesses, all of which are fronted by one Turkish Cypriot and one Greek Cypriot, won €20,000 each.

The ten winners are as follows:

Slimline Frame – Run by Emre Serdar and Andreas Andreou, the company manufactures aluminium facades, doors, and windows.

Dive Cypria – Run by Burcu Mahmutoglu and Christoforos Psyliides, the company provides diving education and organises diving trips all over Cyprus and the Red Sea.

SocialTech Lab – Run by Burak Berk Doluay and Steven Stavrou, the company leverages tools which contribute to the fields of entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology.

Karpasia Products – Run by Cile Siambis and Eleni Hadjiyianni, the company produces traditional Cypriot products from Karpasia, such as halloumi, honey, and macun.

Izmer – Run by Arsen Angi and Theodoros Christoforou, the company manufactures and trades marble, with raw materials from Cyprus, Turkey, Greece, India, and Italy,

Colive – Run by Hasan Siber and Agathokles Agathokleous, the company mass produces olive oil.

Traditional Cyprus Chair – Run by Osman Altunoglu and Kostakis Katsiaris, the company manufacturers traditional Cypriot chairs and exports them.

MP Violins – Run by Arif Cebeci and Michalis Pantelides, the company manufactures handmade violins and repairs antique violins.

Music for Cyprus – Run by Zerin Sarp and Nicolas Papageorgiou, the company allows people to search for and book musicians and bands for events all over Cyprus.

MCO Enterprises – Run by Fezile Ozatach and Michalis Konstantinou, they deal with architectural designs and focus on kitchen decoration and aesthetics.

The Stelios Foundation was keen to stress that half of this year’s award winners were new business partnerships, which, they said, “confirms that the institution is embraced every year by more and more Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots.”

“The new participants give us optimism and are a hopeful message, as they strengthen trust between the two communities, and contribute to economic prosperity and the establishment of lasting peace on the island,” they said.