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TV shows we love: Avatar: The Last Airbender

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When Netflix announced it was creating a live-action version of Avatar: The Last Airbender involving those who made the animated series, I could barely contain my joy.

I have loved the animated series for many years, and continue to watch it regularly when I want something to pick me up.

Despite some of the problems of the live-action series, I have to say that Netflix’s adaption was good as it attempted to keep true to the story.

It blends some of the elements from season 1 of the original animated series as it would have been too difficult to fit so much information into the ten episodes of the Netflix series.

Obviously, as a great fan of the original, I judged the differences but I have to say that it was pretty enjoyable to watch, although some changes are sure to have angered superfans.

The change was also refreshing, in the animated series, for example, Katara always had the power, and in the live-action version she owns her mastery over her element, even with Pakku’s teaching, claiming she was the master instead of saying she found a master.

This version might make some superfans cringe, but for me it also brought in some modern elements of the time that has elapsed since the original series.

Katara is more feminist than in her original outing, now showcasing her true strength. Bits of the animation are also blended in, and you learn more about the immediate past lives of Aang.

Of course, one of my favourite aspects was showing the raid on the southern Air temple. It was both intense and emotional, as you see how the nation was nearly destroyed.

I found myself also excited to see how the bending would be adapted, and I have to say that they did an excellent job on the special effects, if you consider the horrible movie The Last Airbender. I can safely say I will be watching season 2 and 3.


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