Burger King in the UK has announced that it will be filling the gap left by McDonald’s when it decided to discontinue it’s halloumi fries, the rival chain has announced.

According to British media, the fries will be launched on Tuesday and will come with a signature Sweet Chilli sauce dip as five-piece or eight-piece servings.

It was reported that the fries come with the seal of approval of Cypriot yiayias in the UK during an early-taste. The halloumi being used by the chain comes directly from Cyprus.

According to the Daily Mail, the yiayias from London’s Greek Cypriot Society were invited to a taste test and issued their seal of approval for flavour and authenticity.

“We loved tasting Burger King’s Halloumi Fries this week,” members of East London’s Hellenic Cypriot Society Bambi Steel and Helen Zannicos said.

“They are the perfect balance of cheesy and salty, and the fact they’re made with quality ingredients sourced from Cyprus makes them taste even better. We’re pleased to award them with our very own Yiayia seal of approval!”

The move comes after McDonald’s UK axed the fries and omitted them from their revamped menu.