By Robert Morgan

Some 410 families will receive help for Easter from the Paphos branch of the Cypriot Red Cross, according to its president Maria Korakidou.

The police department has provided supplemental help in the form of coupons which will be distributed to several of these families, Korakidou said.

Alongside this special Easter-related assistance, Korakidou reiterated that the Cypriot Red Cross continues to help vulnerable families throughout the year.

The remarks came on Tuesday after Paphos chief of police Nikos Tsappis and a delegation from the local police department visited the Cypriot Red Cross office in Paphos.

“Our goal is that none of our fellow human beings are left without the necessary goods during the holiday season,” she said.

The primary concern of the Cypriot Red Cross is the prevention and relief of human suffering without discrimination, she added.

In light of their additional help, Korakidou praised the Paphos police for demonstrating their social sensitivity, and thanked Tsappis and the police department of Paphos for their contribution.