The Easter stipend for low-income pensioners will increase to €250, President Nikos Christodoulides announced on Wednesday after a cabinet meeting.

He specified the measure would be very important for around 13,500 low-income pensioners.

The stipend will go up from €190 to €250 and the sum will be paid out by April 30 via bank transfer.

Christodoulides underlined the decision was taken in line with measures to combat increasing prices.

The €250 will be paid to pensioners whose income does not exceed €7,000 for a single person household; or €12,000 for a two-person household.

The income threshold is adjusted according to the makeup of the household. For every dependent under the age of 14, it is increased by €2,100 and by €3,500 for each dependent over the age of 14.

The number of low-income pensioners benefiting from the Easter allowance amounts to around 13,500 with a budgeted expense at €3.3 million.

The president also said that he convened a cabinet meeting for Monday afternoon, calling on each minister to present an overview of the core issues and measures they are taking.

“I want you to be well prepared for your presentation. That’s why the meeting will take place in the afternoon, so there is time for each person to present.

“Those of you who will be away must send the necessary material.”

On the Recovery and Resilience plan, Christodoulides said the payment request for the second and third tranche of funding have been submitted.

“I want to see where the other milestones are because there must not be any delay on the issue.”