Concerns over unpaid salaries for employees at the Cyprus University of Technology (Tepak) were raised during Wednesday House education committee meeting, with committee head and Diko MP Pavlos Mylonas saying the institution is currently “operating outside the law.”

During the meeting, Mylonas also revealed that salaries for the month of March were disbursed to Tepak employees using reserves from the university’s pension fund.

He expressed deep concern over the situation, highlighting the displeasure among committee members regarding the “inaction of the education and finance ministries and of the Council of Ministers” in dealing with the issue, after it was raised during previous meetings.

“There is a pressing need to address the issue and ensure that employees are paid promptly,” Mylonas said, adding that the lack of an approved budget at Tepak led to the unauthorised disbursement of funds as salaries.

Furthermore, he highlighted the burden placed on MPs, “who must decide on a budget of approximately €100 million without adequate consultation or substantive discussion.”

Disy MP and committee member Giorgos Karoulas also raised concerns over the Tepak budget, citing serious problems in the university’s financial management and calling for an organisational restructuring.

He then urged the government “to restore institutional integrity and good management practices at Tepak” and called on the university to address student concerns regarding the relocation of certain courses of the university’s school of tourism and hospitality to Paphos.

Akel MP Christos Christofides expressed dismay over the situation, calling it “a potential tragedy or farce.”

He slammed the education ministry’s handling of the budget and raised concerns over the appointment of a new auditor at the university.

“We need to safeguard Tepak’s academic freedom and autonomy, warning against government interference in its operations,” Christofides said.

Like Karoulas, he also called for serious consideration of student protests regarding the relocation of some courses to Paphos.