The Larnaca criminal court on Friday sentenced a 29-year-old man to five years in prison today after finding him guilty of drug trafficking.

A police statement said that “members of the drug squad Ykan stopped the 29-year-old in his car on a rural road in the Larnaca district on the afternoon of October 25.”

“After a search, two nylon packages containing cannabis, weighing a total of 1.6 kilogrammes, were found in his possession.”

The man was arrested by member of the Ykan squad, who also searched his house, where they found over ten nylon packages containing cannabis weighing a total of 269 grammes.

The case was registered for immediate trial before the Larnaca criminal court, which, after examining the evidence collected by the police and hearing the charges proposed by the public prosecution during the trial, found the 29-year-old guilty of drug possession with intent to supply and sentenced him to five years in prison.