By Robert Morgan

Paphos police are investigating the stabbing of a 29-year-old man illegally living in the village of Argakas and a warrant for arrest was issued for the 33-year-old man accused of the attack, it emerged on Monday.

Last Saturday, the 29-year-old reported to Polis Chrysochous hospital with stab wounds to his right armpit, according to Paphos police spokesperson Michalis Nicolaou.

The injured man was immediately brought by ambulance to Paphos hospital where he was treated for the stab wounds and detained.

He told the police he had argued with his roommate, the 33-year-old man, around 9.30pm. During the argument, the man stabbed him in the right armpit with a knife.

Though he was discharged from the hospital on Sunday afternoon, he was arrested after he was found to be an illegal resident of the territory of the Republic.

Efforts are still under way to identify the attacker.