The Nicosia tourism development board (Etap) will play a central role in a ground-breaking initiative aimed at sustainable hospitality education across Europe, the company announced on Monday.

In a press release issued by the Nicosia chamber of commerce (Keve), it was announced that Etap is participating in a consortium in the “GreenHost” project, along with 18 others. Its proclaimed goals are to boost vocational excellence and foster management skills adapted for reducing the environmental footprint of the hospitality industry.

“The project is a unique opportunity to drive positive changes in the hospitality industry and create a more sustainable future for tourism,” Etap President Theodoros Kringou, said.

Etap Nicosia will work with partners from seven countries, including Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Slovenia and Portugal, to promote innovation and sustainable tourism.

According to the press release, Etap will use its expertise and resources to develop and establish centres of professional excellence in partner countries.

The GreenHost Project is financed by the European Union with a total budget of €2,485,102 and a duration of 48 months from March 15, 2024 to March 14, 2028.