By Robert Morgan

A 10-year-old, allegedly involved in the vandalism of Livadia primary school on Easter Saturday, is expected to appear at the Voroklini police station to give a statement on Wednesday.

“There is testimony against a 10-year-old minor, who was summoned and will appear today with his parents at Voroklini police station,” said Spyros Chrysostomou, representative of the Larnaca police.

During the vandalism, a bench and table were set on fire, several windows around the school were smashed, books and stationery were strewn across classrooms, and bins were upended, Chrysostomou had said on Tuesday.

Petros Savvas, secretary of the Livadia school district, said also that three glass windows were smashed while tiles were thrown from the roof of the building.

The damage, estimated to be around €1,000, are expected to be paid by his parents. This is not the first time the school has been vandalised.

There was a “possibility” that other people were involved in the vandalism, and they were being sought, Chrysostomou added on Wednesday. These people seemed to be responsible for setting fire to the benches and a table outside the school, as well as breaking the window and throwing books, notebooks and school equipment on the floor, he said.

“When the 10-year-old is presented today at the Voroklini police station, the procedure for minors will be followed, that is, those under 14 are not criminally responsible.”

The 10-year-old will give a statement and all relevant social services meant to be involved in cases of minors would be informed, Chrysostomou said.

Police would try to identify other people seemingly involved in the case, as it was believed that “the extent of the damage was not caused by just one 10-year-old” he added.